Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Oh, do I ever labor.  When your job is to look good and love all day, sleep and bark at squirrels on occasion, life is just about as good as it can good.  For those of you out there whose lives aren't so grand, to those who sweat to feed your family, for those who don't love what they do, but they do it every day anyway...and for those who are in between...HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!

From yours Truly,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Porch hangin...what dreams are made of...

So busy...not doing much...as usual

3 hour tour...

Can you believe how fast time flies?
I was just reminiscing about our boat trip last summer, and now a whole other summer has gone by.  
We set out from Lake Purdy on an overnight fishing trip, but about 3 hours later, the bottom fell out of the sky and we were headed home drenched!
Fortunately we got a full rain check to come back, but we still haven't done it!  Mom says any day now, but now football season has started and you know how that goes.  
Oh well, here's hoping I will be telling you all about it soon.  In the meantime and in-between time, here's our shots from last year...

(Fish caught...0)

I'll Make You Famous...

Like my self-portrait?  It is of me doing my absolute, hands down favorite thing besides nugglin'.  And guess what...Mom did it!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A mommy/daughter outing and a Very Special Christmas Gift

Check me out!!

So, the day after Christmas, I'm sitting around minding my own business (per usual), and Mom said it's time for a little one on one time!!

So we got in the car and drove down the road a bit...

And then we pulled up to this fancy joint...

And when we emerged...


Girl, yes she did!  

I thought Santa forgot me, but oh no!

I got the most rockin gift of all!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer pawfection and not so much...

Dear Diary,
It's been a while since I have written, but I've been surviving...barely.  It's summertime now, so I am spending a lot of time in puppy jail (locking myself in!!).  I hate to complain, but the boys are home all the time, and I am just all off my schedule.  Too noisy for my regular naps.  Mom never has time to nuggle like she used to being an event planner all the time.  Dad has been trying to step up and fill in, but sometimes a girl just needs a little peace and quiet!  Ugh!  This is the squeeze lately...

Kids on my back...

Kids on my front...

Please hide me...

But, really, I'd rather just remember the good ole quiet days...

Pillow chillin in peace...

Daddy all to myself...


Sleeping in my favorite spot...Ugh!  Okay, that's enough of the negative.  There are always ups, right?  Let's see...

More leftover cereal milk to lap up...

Finding new ways to cope...

And this has to go down in history as the best 5 year old nap time ever...check this out:

Maybe I'll make it through.
Headed to the pool today for some 4th of July fun with my sister pup, Pearl.  

Happy Barkday America!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Diary, 
Niffy here!  Life is good, and I am such a big helper in mom's office!  Check me out.  Mom's been knitting and getting her own little business started, and I usually don't get to come in, but today, I snuck.  Haha!

Monday, January 31, 2011

My New Years 2011

Dear Diary, 
Earlier this month, my people took me on vacation with them to the wonderful Sheraton Safari in Orlando, Florida.  
It was a wonderful weekend!
Friday, my people were out and about, which was fine with me.  I laid around and recovered from the 10 hour drive in Mom's lap.  Then...

 We hung out all day Saturday at the pool.  The servers brought me water and turkey, and even though it's January, the weather was beautiful.  I laid on the lounger most of the day and got all kinds of love and attention.  Very good times.

I highly recommend the Sheraton Safari.  Everyone was accomodating, and I made some cool new friends in the form of a pouncy eared Basset hound and a gruff grampy Shnauzer.   
 Bark at ya soon!
Love, Nif

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How long has it been?

Dear Diary,
Wow!  I cannot believe my mom has not helped me write to you in such a long time.  Now it's 2011!  Lets see, Happy birthday! Happy Halloween!  Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! Well, I haven't done much.  Just still hanging around, relaxing, living the spoiled life of an only daughter, and loving to cuddle my people.  It looks a little something like the above.
I will try to do better about keeping up with my blog.  

Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

DailyWag Watcher

Dear Diary,

Mom and I have started watch Martha Stewart from time to time. I love the snuggle time, of course. Martha's babies are sweet too. I guess they would be like puppy American royalty since mom thinks Martha is like the queen of domestication.

This is Sharkey.

This is Francesca.

This is the new puppy, GK (Ghengis Kahn).
So, why did this interest me? Because I love their blog! It's a great source to meet new friends, new fashion ideas, and events to share. So, mom and are going to explore a little bit there, and then we will get to our snuggle time. Something new to do (shrug).

Friday, January 8, 2010

Roll Tide

Guess what! My team won the National Championship!! It was awesome. Roll Tide and Touchdowns for all! Love Love Love, Nif

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st Blog of 2010

Dear diary, it's gonna snow! it's gonna snow! it's gonna snow! hey! hey! hey! hey! I LOVE cold weather! It is the best, most snugglable time, and the heater is my favorite thing in the world! You know me (cuddle slut of the south), if it snows I am gonna be all up on somebody.
I heard someone say something about a big game tonight. Now that. I am not excited about. There is always yelling and jumping. People! Please calm and get theyself back up under the snuggie. But I do get extra love because... I am Alabama colors! Red and white (Blenheim is close enough to red. shutup.) Ugh. I will try to do my best and bark right along. Roll Tide!
Yours truly,
the neediest pup in Alabama