Monday, January 31, 2011

My New Years 2011

Dear Diary, 
Earlier this month, my people took me on vacation with them to the wonderful Sheraton Safari in Orlando, Florida.  
It was a wonderful weekend!
Friday, my people were out and about, which was fine with me.  I laid around and recovered from the 10 hour drive in Mom's lap.  Then...

 We hung out all day Saturday at the pool.  The servers brought me water and turkey, and even though it's January, the weather was beautiful.  I laid on the lounger most of the day and got all kinds of love and attention.  Very good times.

I highly recommend the Sheraton Safari.  Everyone was accomodating, and I made some cool new friends in the form of a pouncy eared Basset hound and a gruff grampy Shnauzer.   
 Bark at ya soon!
Love, Nif

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