Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st Blog of 2010

Dear diary, it's gonna snow! it's gonna snow! it's gonna snow! hey! hey! hey! hey! I LOVE cold weather! It is the best, most snugglable time, and the heater is my favorite thing in the world! You know me (cuddle slut of the south), if it snows I am gonna be all up on somebody.
I heard someone say something about a big game tonight. Now that. I am not excited about. There is always yelling and jumping. People! Please calm and get theyself back up under the snuggie. But I do get extra love because... I am Alabama colors! Red and white (Blenheim is close enough to red. shutup.) Ugh. I will try to do my best and bark right along. Roll Tide!
Yours truly,
the neediest pup in Alabama

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